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Welcome to the Marine Irish Digital Atlas!

The atlas is a comprehensive resource for coastal and marine information and spatial data in Ireland. Here you will find an overview of topics related to the Irish coast, as well as an interactive atlas where you can choose layers from various organisations to view and query. For professionals interested in spatial data you can search our database of available layers, view metadata, and in some cases download data.

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Follow this link to see the complete list of layers.

Click here for an Introduction to the atlas, the MIDA disclaimer, alternative methods of searching the atlas, links to the MIDA usage statistics and to the MIDA tutorial.

September 2014:

A layer and metadata information have been updated:

  • The layer showing the stable lights in 1995 in the Republic and Northern Ireland has been updated and two new datasets for the year 2002 and 2012 have been added. To view the layer click here

A new layer and metadata information have been added:

  • The layer showing the sea turtles sighted around Ireland between 1995-2012, and additional information about them, has been added. To view the layer click here






MIDA is a member of the International Coastal Atlas Network (ICAN) for more Information click the ICAN logo.