Physical Environment
GEBCO Bathymetric Contours
 100m - 500m depth
 600m - 1000m depth
 1100m - 1500m depth
 1600m - 2000m depth
 2100m - 2500m depth
 2600m - 3000m depth
 3100m - 3500m depth
 3600m - 4000m depth
 4100m - 4500m depth
 4600m - 5000m depth
Soil Distribution
 Acid Brown Earth 70%
 Acid Brown Earth 70% (Coarse texture)
 Acid Brown Earth 75%
 Acid Brown Earth 90%
 Basin Peat 100%
 Blanket Peat (Low level) 100%
 Blanket Peat 100% (High level)
 Blanket Peat 75%
 Brown Podzolic 60%
 Brown Podzolic 80%
 Degraded Grey Brown Podzolic 50%
 Gley 50%
 Gley 60%
 Gley 75%
 Gley 80%
 Gley 85%
 Gley 90%
 Grey Brown Podzolic 60%
 Grey Brown Podzolic 70%
 Grey Brown Podzolic 75%
 Grey Brown Podzolic 80%
 Lithosol 80%
 Lithosols and Outcropping Rock 70%
 Minimal Grey Brown Podzolic 70%
 Minimal Grey Brown Podzolic 80%
 Peaty Gley 70%
 Peaty Podzol 75%
 Podzol 70%
 Rendzina 15% and Outcropping Rock 75%
 Shallow Brown Earth and Rendzina 60%
 OSI/OSNI Base Maps
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