Physical Environment
GEBCO Bathymetric Contours
 100m - 500m depth
 600m - 1000m depth
 1100m - 1500m depth
 1600m - 2000m depth
 2100m - 2500m depth
 2600m - 3000m depth
 3100m - 3500m depth
 3600m - 4000m depth
 4100m - 4500m depth
 4600m - 5000m depth
 OSI/OSNI Base Maps
Coastal Geomorphology
 A - Rocks/hard cliffs (few erosion)
 AC - Mainly rocky with pocket beaches
 B - Cliffs subject to erosion
 C - Small beaches
 D - Developed beaches (coarse sediments)
 E - Developed beaches (fine to coarse sand)
 F - Soft non-cohesive sediments
 G - Muddy sediments
 H - Estuary
 J - Harbour areas
 K - Artificial beaches
 L - Embankments
 N - Vegetated strands (pond or lake)
 P - Soft strands and rocky plattforms
 R - Soft strands (beach rock)
 X - Soft strands (heterogenous category grain size)
 Y - Artificial protections
 Z - Soft strands (uncertain category grain size)
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