Physical Environment
GEBCO Bathymetric Contours
 100m - 500m depth
 600m - 1000m depth
 1100m - 1500m depth
 1600m - 2000m depth
 2100m - 2500m depth
 2600m - 3000m depth
 3100m - 3500m depth
 3600m - 4000m depth
 4100m - 4500m depth
 4600m - 5000m depth
National Bedrock Geology Map
 Palaeozoic felsic minor intrusion
 Caledonian appinite suite
 Cambrian slate
 Causeway Tholeiite Mbr
 Dalradian Appin Group quartzite
 Dalradian Argyll Gp paragneiss
 Dalradian Grampian Group
 Derryveeny Formation
 Devonian acid volcanics
 Devonian basic volcs, minor intrus
 Greenore Point Group
 Interbasaltic formation laterite, b
 Kilmore Quay Group
 L Pal Dolerite, Diorite
 Late Visean-Westphalian 'ORS'
 Lr Jurassic mudstone
 Lr-Mid Ordovician basic volcanics
 Lr-Mid Ordovician greywacks, sandstone
 Lr-Mid Ordovocian acid volcanics
 Metagabbro, metadiorite (Tyrone Plu
 Oligocene clay, sand
 Permian sandstone
 Permo-Trias sandstone
 Rathkenny Formation
 Rhinns Complex
 Silurian quartzite
 Silurian volcanics
 Tertiary granite, felsite
 Tertiary minor volcanics
 Tertiary rhyolite (volc&intru)
 Tyrone CI (Corvanaghan=?Slishwood
 Mid-Up Ordovician basic volcanics
 Upper Basalt Formation
 Mid Devonian ORS
 Westphalian shale, sandstone
 Namurian sandstone, shale
 Ballycastle succession
 Armagh Gp
 Visean shelf limestone, shale
 Navan Group
 Caledonian granite
 LEITRIM GP; Visean mudstone, sandstone
 Sperrins Dalradian (position uncertain)
 Up Silurian - Lr Devonian ORS
 Visean basinal limestone 'Calp'
 TYRONE GP; Visean mudstone, sandstone
 VISEAN 'basal clastics'
 Louisburgh - Clare Isld. Succ
 Croagh Patrick Succ.
 Dunquin Gp, Dingle
 Silurian sandstone, g'wacke, shale
 Cross Point Gneiss
 Doolough Granite and Gneiss
 Slishwood Division
 Ordovician or Silurian melange
 Triassic sandstone
 Lower Basalt Formation
 Up Cretaceous limestone
 Tertiary basic intrusion
 Mid-Up Ordovician g'wacke, sndst, shale
 Dalradian Appin Group
 Dalradian Argyll Gp quartzite
 Dalradian Argyll Group
 Inishkea Division
 Mullet Gneiss
 Courceyan limestone
 Mid-Up Ordovician acid volcanics
 Mid-Up Ordovician slate
 Cambrian quartzite
 Cambrian greywacke, sandst, qtzite
 Lower Limestone Shale
 Up Dev-Lr Carb ORS
 Carboniferous volcs & minor intrus
 Up Devonian marine sandstone
 Courceyan mudstone, sandstone
 Waulsortian Limestones
 Metagabbro (Connemara)
 Orthogneiss suite, Connemara
 Ordovician Granite
 Dalradian S Highland Group
 Killary - Joyces Succ.
 COURCEYAN 'basal clastics'
 Metadolerite or amphibolite
 Serpentinite, DX
 Dalradian Argyll Gp volcanics
 Up. Ord-Sil 'Moffat shale' etc.
 Dalradian S Highland Gp volcanics
 Lr-Mid Ordovician slate
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