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Do you or your organisation have digital spatial data or information on coastal and marine areas around Ireland that you would like to inform others about? If so, it can be made available through the MIDA. See the MIDA's Data Supply, Access, and Exploitation Principles.

See a list of data collected so far. Significant efforts are being made to expand this list, but knowledge of existing data is limited to web research and word of mouth. Let us know if you would like to add yours to our list.

Each spatial dataset displayed in the atlas includes metadata, which provides contact information for data owners to anyone who wishes to acquire actual datasets.  Datasets displayed in the MIDA are not downloadable via the MIDA web site, unless a data contributor so wishes.

Data that is contributed should be processed (not raw) data with value added (e.g. names and other attributes). While we are particularly interested in sharing detailed data layers that will make the atlas more informational, we respect the wishes of organisations or researchers who do not wish to share their full data.

Your data can be displayed in full or in part, with options to remove sensitive or commercial data within the data table. Modifications can also be made to reduce spatial data quality. For example, the resolution of vector or raster data can be altered using a GIS system so that the level of detail is reduced. For sensitive point data, locations can be generalised by drawing buffer zones around study areas. For further advice or help in generalising your data, please contact Ned Dwyer or Liz O'Dea.

Why share data online? Data sharing is beneficial for data owners, data users, and Ireland as a whole. Benefits include:
  • Advertising spatial datasets. If you have spent time and money creating a dataset, why not take advantage of resources that will advertise what you can provide? If concerned about proprietary or sensitive data, talk with us about generalisation options.
  • Reducing duplication of efforts, therefore increasing efficiency. Why spend time and money generating a new dataset if someone has already done the work? This benefits national research and development by freeing up time for progressive development.
  • Better management due to greater data access. Sharing knowledge by improving access to existing spatial data improves decision-making in management of Ireland's valuable coastal resources.
More information on these topics can be found in the MIDA paper Developing an Informational Web Portal for Coastal Data in Ireland: Data Issues in the Marine Irish Digital Atlas, presented at Oceanology Int'l. 2004.

With your assistance we will be able to develop an invaluable Internet resource for sharing information within the Irish coastal and marine community, as well as for collaboration among people in their areas of interest. Please read the MIDA's Data Supply, Access, and Exploitation Principles.

We are interested in making available a wide range of resources, including:
  •  Geospatial Datasets (Includes GIS vector, raster, and georeferenced images)
  •  Metadata
  •  Digital Audio & Visual Materials
  •  Reports or Papers
  •  Links to Relevant Information
Please contact us to discuss how we can incorporate your contributions.

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