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  MIDA Data Supply, Access and Exploitation Principles

When you supply datasets for use in the Marine Irish Digital Atlas, if you desire you may sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in which the conditions that govern data supply, access and exploitation are fully laid out. Below a sample of some typical principles are given. Each MOU can be adjusted to meet specific needs.

  1. The spatial dataset(s) provided by a data owner may be displayed in the web-based GIS. This/These will be displayed as the data owner provides them, or generalised in a way that the data owner and the CMRC agree upon.
  2. Cost to the CMRC of each spatial dataset(s) displayed in the MIDA will be agreed upon prior to delivery of the dataset(s).
  3. The spatial features and information in the spatial dataset(s) provided can be queried by users, subject to any conditions specified by the data owner.
  4. The tables contained in the spatial dataset(s) can be displayed in full / in part as requested by the data owner. Any fields considered sensitive will be identified by the data owner and will not be made accessible to atlas users.
  5. The spatial dataset(s) provided cannot be downloaded from the MIDA web site unless the data owner has given prior agreement.
  6. The contact details of the data owner will be provided in the metadata and therefore will be available over the Internet to atlas users who are interested in acquiring a copy of the spatial dataset(s).

Please contact us to discuss how to incorporate your contributions into the atlas.

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