MIDA - The Marine Irish Digital Atlas
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The following links are recommended by the MIDA team. Please also refer to our providers page to see a list of key organisations related to coastal and marine resources who have supplied their data with MIDA team.

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MIDA Developers:

The Coastal & Marine Research Centre (University College Cork)

MIDA Funders:

Ireland's Higher Education Authority, under the National Development Plan

Northern Ireland Environment Agency

MIDA Data Providers:

See a list of MIDA data providers

Irish web GIS

Marine Institute Web Mapping

Marine Institute's Marine Data Online

Geological Survey of Ireland Web Mapping

Environmental Protection Agency's ENVision

National Biodiversity Data Centre Mapping System

Minerals Ireland Geographic Exploration and Mining Services

National Parks & Wildlife Service

INFOMAR Webmapping Viewer

National Monuments Service

Other Online Irish Coastal & Marine Resources

Irish Coastal Network (I-CoNet)

ICZM - Ireland

Irish Spatial Data Exchange (ISDE)

Other Online Coastal & Marine Atlases and Data Sharing Efforts

The European Atlas of the Seas

The Australian Coastal Atlas

The Oregon Coastal Atlas

Scotland's Marine Atlas

UK's Coastal and Marine Resource Atlas, part of MAGIC (Multi-Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside

Florida Marine Resource GIS

Washington State Digital Coastal Atlas

Environmental Data for England and Wales

USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program

United Nations Atlas of the Oceans

NABIS: National Aquatic Biodiversity Information System for New Zealand

African Marine Atlas

British Columbia's Coastal Resource Atlas

Junta de Andalucia Web Atlas

OpenGeo Web Atlas

Wisconsin Coastal Atlas

Belgium Coastal Atlas

Coastal and Ocean Information Network Atlantic

Technology and Standards

Minnesota MapServer

Apache Web Server

Infraestructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE)

Open Geospatial Consortium

ISO Technical Committee 211 on Geographic information/Geomatics

Irish Spatial Data Exchange (ISDE)



Other Links

Lillian Fidler Design

Irish Spatial Data Infrastructure

Irish Organisation for Geographic Information (IRLOGI)

Nature on the Map - English Nature

Go-Geo! A tool to help find geo-spatial data for Britain and Ireland

The Atlas of Canada

MarLIN - The Marine Life Information Network for Britain and Ireland

John Eagle Photography - Lighthouse Series

Met Éireann



INFOMAR (GSI/Marine Institute)

Your multimedia resource for coastal and marine data in Ireland