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  MIDA Tutorial Case 2:
Mapping and finding information on protected areas in Co. Kerry

This tutorial gives an example of how you can find, view and download geospatial data from the MIDA for a project. Imagine that you are doing a project and need to collect geospatial data on all of the protected areas in County Kerry.

Index Open the Atlas:

1. From the home page click on "Go to Atlas."

2. Click on "Go to Atlas" once again to get into the interactive map.

Select the theme of interest:

3. "Select Theme" by pulling down the menu and then clicking on "Protected Areas" to display all the layers in relation to this topic.

4. All of the protected areas will automatically appear in the list of layers on the left side of the window, below the folder called "Management". Notice that the layers are not displayed in the map, and the small boxes next to the layer names just added appear blank.

You can choose the layers to be displayed by clicking on the checkbox beside a layer's name, which turns them on or off.

Zooming and identifying a map feature:

5. Click on the tab in the information box section. From here pull down the "Select region" menu and select county Kerry.

6. Individual protected areas may be queried by clicking on the identify map feature tool and then clicking on a point in the map.

As a result, a map and table will appear in a new window to give you information on the map feature or features you selected.

Getting Information on the topic:
7. In the layer list click on "Natural Heritage Areas" and then click on the icon in the information box to get text and image information regarding the topic.

8. You can navigate through this information page by clicking on the five different categories. A printable version is also available from this window.

9. In order to integrate the data displayed in your own map you must download the underlying GIS data. Click on the download icon data for the Republic of Ireland. This will direct you to the owner's website from where the GIS data may be downloaded. For some datasets, it is possible to download the data directly from the MIDA site.

Well done! You have successfully completed Case 2.

Comments? Email us at mida@ucc.ie.

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