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  MIDA Tutorial Case 3:
Finding recorded seaweed distributions for Ireland

This tutorial gives an example of how you can search and find a particular layer that is of interest to you. Imagine that you need to prepare a report on seaweed distribution in Ireland, however you don’t know if a GIS layer exists, who owns it and what its characteristics might be.

Index Open the Atlas:

1. From the home page click on "metadata". This will allow you to define and submit a query to the MIDA database.

Searching a layer:

2. From this window pull down the menu: "Please select topic" and select "Title".

3. Enter "seaweed" in the text box under "Enter one or more words in the title" . Then click on to carry out the search.

Viewing the layer of interest:
4. A window will pop up with the results of the search. Click on the icon to display the seaweed distribution layer.

Reading the Metadata:
5. In the layer list click on the Seaweed distribution layer name and then click on the metadata icon in the Information box.

6. Summary information about the seaweed GIS dataset is displayed. However, in order to find the data owner's address and additional information click on the button.

7. Scroll down the window until contact information appears or click on "Contact information" at the top of the window.

8. To get more details about the quality of the dataset click on and then click on "Data Quality Information". (Note that full metadata is not available for every layer in the atlas.)

Perform an Advanced Search:

9. You decide that you also want to find out if there are any layers on molluscs that may correspond with locations of algae. Close the Metadata window and click on the tab, then click on Advanced search.

10. Type periwinkle for the title, use molluscs as a keyword and then for the theme choose Biology/Habitats and finally click on "Submit Query".

11. A window will pop up with the results of the search. Click on the icon to display the periwinkle distribution layer

Well done! You have successfully completed Case 3.

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